Otago cricket needs name change

It’s probably beyond time but we have to start taking the Otago Volts seriously in this year’s HRV Cup.
Six wins from seven starts and the Volts are favourites to bank a home final later this month.
I like T20 better than I should admit to, and I like what I’ve seen of the Volts.
The scoring hasn’t been dominated by one player, rather it’s been spread around a handful of batsmen who are all in form at the moment.
And Otago has a balanced bowling attack, with quality spin options in Nick Beard and Nathan McCullum — arguably one of the best limited overs slow bowlers in the world — backing up a solid crew of medium pacers including Southland’s Jacob Duffy.
I like T20 because it’s the only form of cricket — other than the first innings of a New Zealand v South Africa test — that I can watch from beginning to end.
And now that teams are starting to get the hang of the shortened, shortened form of the game, you will see the momentum swing back and forward in the space of a few overs.
There is no argument about how much longer 50-over cricket can last, it’s dead in the water now.
Duffy’s form has been so hot for the Volts — he’s the competition’s leading wicket-taker, with some handy scalps to boot, that it adds considerable weight to a campaign of mine — to have Otago renamed Southern Districts.
We already have Northern Districts (not Waikato) and Central Districts (not Manawatu or New Plymouth) and yet anyone not living in Dunedin is forced to follow a team which goes by a name many of us were brought up to despise.
It took the rugby dullards some years to work this out, and I’ve always considered the gentlemen’s game to be a level smarter.
Otago can’t produce enough cricketers to be competitive in New Zealand cricket. It has done well in recent years picking up the discards of other provinces, but it desperately needs a name change to help it make the most of the region it draws from.


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2 Responses to “Otago cricket needs name change”

  1. Mark Says:

    “which goes by a name many of us were brought up to despise”

    I liked what I was reading until this, when I realised that is merely driven only by pettiness.

  2. Adam Says:

    Firstly regards the rugby all the Super franchises officially dropped their provincial names, such as Canterbury Crusaders, Otago Highlanders but your average joe still refers to them as that.
    No wonder were seen by our fellow citizens who live in towns such as Dunedin, Queenstown, Wanaka, Oamaru that form part of our great northern neighbour Otago as the country hicks/Mexicans from South of the Border, who we rely on for lots yet try to rewrite history to suit the very small minnow of the relationship. We should be greatful they allow us to be a part of it. Southern Districts is about as unpallatable as a summer holiday in Invercargill.
    Re Marks comment above – exactly

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