What are you reallly hoping to see from the New Zealand cricket team during this test series against South Africa?
Things get underway from 9.30pm tonight (NZ time) at the Newlands ground in Cape Town.
It’s hard to see things being anything but one-way traffic with New Zealand, a $9 outsider, missing their best batsman (Ross Taylor) and best bowler (Tim Southee).
The South Africans, meanwhile, just look very, very good. They have ambitions of being the best team in the world and won’t be expecting the Black Caps to be much of a speed bump on the way there, especially when you’ve got this bloke in your team.Expectations of New Zealand cricket are at an all time low in all forms of the game, but there is interest in how Brendon McCullum will go leading the team.
It’s all well and good to have an attacking skipper, but it’s hard to do anything with that mindset if you don’t have runs to play with or bowlers capable of making inroads.
I guess all we really want to see is a bit of fight from our cricketers. It’s something that New Zealand cricket teams have been known for in the past and it’s something that has seen them get results despite generally being outskilled by their opposition.
That fight hasn’t been evident in a lot of their recent performances, although it was there when Taylor batted so well to lead New Zealand to a test win over the Sri Lankans.
There were signs of it during the T20 series against the Yapies, and hopefully that will flow through to the test series.
Maybe then New Zealand will at least get the better of a few sessions, maybe even sneak a draw.


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