Busting a gut

I’m quietly packing myself about the prospect of the Bannockburn Gutbuster tomorrow.
It’s an event I’ve wanted to do since I was supposed to line up alongside Barry Harcourt and Steve Mason back in 2008.
I chickened out and they went ahead and rode it, and I’ve been a little envious ever since.
Which is why I’ll be aiming at Steve’s time of 5hr 43min — although in reality I’m just hoping to get to the other end, preferably in time for the prize giving.
For the uninitiated the Gutbuster is 80km or feast or famine starting at the Garston pub and going the back way to Bannockburn.
It’s got a couple of monster climbs, the first topping out at 1100m and the second, Duffers Saddle, at 1300m.
Part of my motivation is to get some climbing practise in as I continue my build up to the Milford Classic.
I know its a mountainbike instead of a road bike, but I figure the Hurt Box is still the Hurt Box, no matter how you put yourself there.
Some helpful advice which I’m hoping to make use of during what is going to be a long day: try and settle into a steady pace in your granny gears and don’t worry about what speed anyone else is going.
Sounds easy enough.
I’ll let you know how it goes.


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