Thomson’s wet bus ticket

Adam Thomson’s never struck me as a dirty player.
In all the years of watching him play, on television and live, I’m struggling to recall a high tackle or anything that would even verge on thuggery.
Which made the incident in the Scottish test where he deliberately rucked the back of Scottish opposite Alasdair Strokosh’s head seem a little bizarre.
Strokosh was undoubtedly using his body to kill the ball and his head was the only thing which Thomson had access too at the time.
But I’ve always considered the bonce to be sacrosanct, and even the light tap which Thomson gave with his boot made me squirm a bit.
Is Thomson’s head in another place at the moment as he tries to sort out his playing future?That clean record must have counted for something at the judiciary with Thomson getting a one-week ban for a crime which carries a two-to-nine week penalty.
Given he probably wouldn’t have played against Italy anyway, the only real punishment the All Blacks have received is that they appeared to lose their momentum when they were limited to 14 men for those 10 minutes at Murrayfield.


UPDATE: Maybe Thomson won’t be as lucky as he thought.


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