Can the Stags recover?

The Roar has been on holiday for a couple of days, soaking up a bit of rain and snow in Arrowtown.

Our absence from the internet has absolutely nothing to do with that horrible Stags result on Sunday.

Having managed to studiously avoid the game while spending some quality family time (although I have to admit I was watching Twitter in stupendous disbelief while sitting next to the Arrowtown skate park), I had to catch up with the game after arriving home.

Even watching it on fast forward through the magic of MySky (what did we do without it?) it didn’t look any better.

A colleague of mine in another department described it as  like an adult playing bullrush against kids.

Anyone who has followed the Stags for a while will now they generally have one blowout a season in them, but this was more than a blowout.

I’m not sure just what sort of impact losing the Ranfurly Shield to Waikato last night will have on Taranaki, but they will be tough regardless.

Before the season they targeted winning the NPC above retaining the Shield, because it was something they’d never done. They certainly won’t be grieving.

The Stags need to play well, not to get a result, but to build towards the game they have to win, against Manawatu.

Making the semi-finals of a seven-team competition doesn’t really mean anything, but missing out does.

The Stags still have a chance to turn a less-than-average season around, that should create some excitement


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