What’s your pick for the NRL final?

I have to admit I haven’t followed the NRL that closely this year.

I did get a bit excited when the Rabbitohs, the team I’ve been loosely following for the past couple of  years, made their charge, but other than that I’ve found other things to do.

The NRL final, though, is another thing. It’s been a highlight of the sporting year since I was a kid and my Canberra Raiders were the shizzle.

Based on some scant research I’ve invested my money on the Storm, although the TAB obvioulsy found it hard to seperate them from the Bulldogs.

I’ve tried to like the Bulldogs in the past, but it’s a club I just don’t find that likeable.

So, go the Storm. Who are you picking?

While we are on the 13-man game, thanks to the Southland Rams for giving us some great headlines in recent days. It’s been the story which has kept on giving.

How good was the yarn about the Rams taking vans through the night to Christchurch, sleeping on someone’s lounge floor and then carrying one to Nelson?

Their coach has said it would be a miracle if they were able to beat the Tasman Titans in the South Island final, but I wouldn’t put anything past this team.


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