Whopper v Big Willie

Stags captain Jamie Mackintosh was approached to fight controversial Aussie leaguie Willie Mason in the Fight for Life.

While Mason’s opponent in the upcoming boxing extravaganza is yet to be announced, there are short odds on either Liam Messam, who would go pretty good, or one of the Franks brothers, possibly Ben.

Apparently Whopper was asked during the Graham Henry tribute dinner in Invercargill recently by Duco boss David Higgins.

Not surprisingly — and I definitely don’t blame him — Mackintosh was pretty quick to turn the offer down, even though it would have come with a handy payday.

Mason might be a big mouth but he can definitely back it up and he has a much bigger boxing background than Mackintosh.

Interestingly, Jimmy Cowan was also approached at the same dinner and sounded out about his availability.

Cowan was a lot keener to be involved, although there were a number of logistical hurdles to overcome with the former All Black set to start a new contract with English premier team Gloucester.

Don’t rule out Cowan being involved in a Fight for Life fundraiser at a later date.

Any suggestions on who the Mataura scrapper could take on?

I’d love to see him battling it out with Byron Kelleher, but if it was going to be a Union v League thing, who stands out?


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