Rutledge confusion

There wasn’t much to smile about for Stags fans from Thursday’s border game between the Stags and Otago at Rugby Park.
However, at least one amusing anecdote did emerge from the game.
According to The Roar’s sources, a Speights rep (who obviously came from somewhere north of Gore) gave a moving tribute to Stags centurion and record holder Jason Rutledge in the Rugby Park supporters’ club after the game.
The only problem was, the person he was talking to was actually former Stag and now scrum coach Clarke Dermody.
An embarrased Dermody grunted: ‘‘It isn’t me.’’ and there were apparently a few red faces alround.
Now Dermody and Rutledge are great mates, and two of the finest players to pull on the maroon jersey, but anyone who confused the two should probably give themselves an uppercut.


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One Response to “Rutledge confusion”

  1. CP Says:

    Hey Guys – I am glad I have found the The Roar again. I thought I would share a wee story. I have just moved over to Australia and the other day I was walking home from the supermarket in South Melbourne, wearing with pride my Southland Stags top. I stop at the lights outside McDonalds and I hear “GO THE STAGGERS! GO THE STAGGERS!”, I turn to look and see a rich looking BMW car full with people yelling at me and I can make out JAMES O’CONNOR driving it (Australian Rugby Player) and BUDDY FRANKLIN (A top AFL Player who plays for the HAWKS). Man goes to show no matter where you are in the world you find Stag Fans!!

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