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So here we go.

In about four months’ time I will be tackling arguably the toughest challenge of my sporting career.

I’ve played senior rugby in two provinces, fought in the ring for charity and run up and down Mt Luxmore, but the Milford Classic will be an enormous leap outside my comfort zone.

I’ve been cycling for awhile now, but never with any real intent.

I rode from Frankton to Invercargill as part of the Westpac helicopter appeal earlier this year, and while that was a significantly bigger distance, I rate this ride as a greater challenge because of those two hulking great hills that I’m going to have to get over.

For someone who is just north of 120kg, I’m about as comfortable on a bike as a fridge, with the same sort of aerodynamics.

Over the next four months I’ll be trying to unravel the mysterious world of cycling, the dos and dont’s, the rights and wrongs and the biggest question of all – to shave or not to shave?


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One Response to “Bike Blog”

  1. Chikashi Says:

    Good luck! And, yes, do shave!

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